jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

English class was the best class this semester, but it wasn´t because of this signature I had the best marks, was because, more than learn English and to fulfill the objectives and expectative of teacher, the class was an instance where you can share and stay in class in different way.
I like very much the class with Mister Higginson, because he is very very nice and his classes are very very funny, and the most important he have all the availability for explain one more time. And this is very good for the people that don’t understand in the first moment.
For all this, my experience in English was very comfortable and very funny, and I think that I learn too much xD, but in my school y had best marks, well I don´t care, I like this experience. I learn talk and interactive with more people in English, but exist thing that I have to improve with practice, but too think that if stop to doing English class I will stop to practice, because don´t exist other situation where I use English.
The things more boring was complete the sentences, because for me all can be possible, and all the alternatives mean the same, and these confuse me.
The most difficult for me is writing, because I don’t understand something things of grammatical, and I think in Spanish and not in English.
The most interesting was discovered that I like English xD .
And the things that most enjoy, was talk too much in Spanish or English xD and doing all the things, was how stay in the school because the class was very funny and y really enjoy this time. :)

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Well, First I don´t like too much the blogs, it is how have fotolog, and this things just don´t use too much, but it is an activity obligatory, and for be honest, I don´t know what blog is better than other, because I don´t read all and less that the people who a don´t have relationship, because I don’t care.
But I like my blog xD well for something is my blog xD because I think that is very interesting and very tidy, I like the things very structure and combined. But if I have to choose one, I will choose Camila´s blog.
Well, she is my friends and I like her story of camping. I think that is very entertaining. And one day I hope to travel how she and to know all this country with all its mysterious and beautiful places. Your pictures are very beautiful too, and this more enthusiastic have to travel.
I will like know beautiful place and live extreme experience, and walk too much and know that is necessary, independent of tiredness.
Especially I like the “A perfect day out of the city” post, because I like her adventures and his natural spirit, is very good. She is so hippie and I like this. And she have many post of her relation with the nature, even her blog is green. But if she had wallpaper with something how a landscape, flower or something like this, probability you will notes her loves for the word and the nature. :)

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

When I was a child I played at all the things that existed in this word or all the things that i had available because my imagination was too much. But the things that I liked and enjoyed too much was to jump rope, to ride a bike, and to go roller skating, this was my favorites games and the moment when I spent all my time, but the game that for me was more than a game was to go roller skating, I like too much, was like running very fast, but glided.
And when I was a child I done roller skating in a school of roller skating, in the Parque O’Higgins. First the teacher learned to go roller skating with rollers that had four rollers and was very difficult, because it had brake in the front part and I always felt, but with the rollers in line was very easy to keep the balance of my body. I had class all the days one hours, I really enjoyed.
I gone roller skating too much time, a think that was like 12 years when I left to practice this sport how discipline, but always was fun, and then just gone roller skating for my home an every day.
Now I don´t know way I don´t to go roller skating, I don´t know the moment, but for coincidence this year in a Christmas a want to that give me a rollers, is something more funny that the biker but more slow, and is a activity that you can do alone, without company necessarily. :)

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Don Francisco ♥♥

Who is the best chilean? Well, is a very difficult question. I don´t know, really is something that i never ask me and i never care, but if exit someone that i love in this word and is a person that always had been worried for things humanitarian in Chile is Mario Kreutzberger or more well known how Don Francisco♥.
Don Francisco is creator in Chile of the Teletón; that is a solidarity cruzade and charity company for handicapped childrens, but his social compromise had been related with his television career, and Teleton isn´t the only slidarity company, too he had realized Chile ayuda a Chile for the earthquake in 1985 and 2010; La Campaña del Kilo that was the recolection of provisions for the alluvion in Antofagasta in 1991, and benefit work for UNICEf.
I love Don Francisco. I think taht is a person that do a good to use of his presence and popularity in television for help to people that are not insert in a social word, and his company is a example for the other people that have the posibility foy hep to other with the andvantage that the common people can´t, because they are tne connection with the more important people that have money, and regrettable is the factor that move the word. His company had permited the develop of publish political that help to favor the social insertion the handicapped people.
I believe that Don Francisco is a person that do all this things because he wants and how advertising company, he believe in the justice social, and the handicapped people just are handicapped for a physical and psychological condition but not for this had more or lees oportunity for live in a best word.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

The dreams of all child is know a Father Christmas and can see how he put the presents around the Christmas tree, but is an imagen that nobody had could see, I don´t know exactly what, but nobody had see a father Christmas that today we to imagen.
Today, nobody believe in this magic and mythological figure, just it is a propaganda for the people buy compulsively, is a plays of offers and demand. But this story from some place borned.
The Father Christmas is a potbellied old, rosy skin, red dress and large white beard. and is a famous person in Christmas time, this person have many and different stories of his name, but the story less well know is the Christmas is a story from Babilonia since 2600 years a.C
The story talk that at that time there was a queen named Semiramis that in whose womb did his son Tammuz, who according to that religion, would have conceived virginally. The boy's father was the sun, and his birth was celebrated with great festivities and honors, and as tradition a big tree was decorated with berries and balls in representation to the sun. But the tree was the representation carnal of husband's Sarinami, and believes his son was the resurrection of him.
This story have coincidence with a catholic religion, and this is theory that the people believe of Christmas, but a father Christmas was know how San Nicolás, a man who in times of Christmas, He gave a bag whit gold coins to a family that didn’t have nothing. Then this story was more popular and all the people believe that San Nicolas was a person that helped a sad and poor family given presents in this times

The magic is believe, isn´t necessary that this was a time for presents , but a time for tor share with the family and the people and grateful for all the things that you have.
I don´t know exactly what thing I could asked, but the idea of just see is so fantastic and so funny, that is like how come back to be a child.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

I think that today and in the future is very important to learn different languajes, because all the thing to operate in mundial level, and is necessary know specially the english, because the conuntries highly developed speak english, and they are our way for grow up in our career.
Specially, i am not a person that leard with easily and quickly, i need to practice and to study over and over again. And the english is something that i need practice all the time, but how now the circunstance doesn’t requiere, I don´t do nothing related with this, the only things that i do because i want is listening music in english and tanslate the letter, and this permit learnd more vocabulary.
I like the english. I like how sounds, but more than is i know that is necesary learnd. The things that more i don´t understad or i do´nt know is the pronunciation, and i don´t try because i don´t like to do the ridiculous, and other things is the grammar, How to writer and how the phrase can understand. Really i hope one day i can understand and can speak english very good, but i think the most probably is that when i finish my career i do a course of english, and in this way i will devote almost all my time in this, and can be more easy learnd. And today all the work place neer an requiere person that know speak english, and know is an advantage.And we had to take the opportunity that we are young and still are easy learnd.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

A Perfect Day :)

A perfect day, i believe that is a phrase very intresting, and i think that a perfect day could be a any moment of the day, where the circumstance make fell you happy or any feelings of welfare.
I don´t know exactly what could be my perfect day, but the most important is stay with the people that i love and care too much.
And well, and if the idea is to imgine a day where are all type of the things that i like, a perfect day could be enjoy a funny moment with my best partner, my boyfriends. He is the person more relax in the word and the only person that can relax me too. In any where this could be a perfect moment, because i love any moment with he.
But i prefer stay in a silence place something like country, very natural, where the noice of the city don´t care, something like country france, with too much pastere, in the high, where you believe that you can touch the sky; and where the time don´t fly, where we could be in peace, along, enjoy any moment like the last. I will like to eat something like a picnic or too mucho chocolate xD. This sounds more like a perfect date, wuajakjakjakakakj xD . But i like the idea.
Or the other perfect moment could be stay in the galactic space, see the star or shooting star , and see all this color that the universe suposse that have, is very magic or maybe a madness.
Well, exactly i don´t know how could be a perfect day, just i know that i am very happy, an all the days are perfect, because enjoy the people that love me and i too love. All the days could be perfect if one have the idea and the intention that the way it is.

martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

La Metamorfosis

I'm not a fanatical reader, but if I think of reading feeds the soul and mind, you achieve imagine or learn about different ways of seeing the world and how one manages to interpret.
I love books of existential thought, are somewhat freak, but it is a new instance to question, although not to the point of depression.
The last text I read was The Metamorphosis of Kafka, which tells the story of a man who wakes up one morning and become a cockroach how has the situation and how your family is affected. In terms existential, talks about the loss of identity, because of how the character sees his life around and according to others, forgetting themselves and unconcerned, but also the depression that you feel falls negligible and achieved what he really wants.
The idea of the cockroach is to express contempt and even repulsion feels the other to the character. Text was also very entertaining and quick read, and is a form of know how society influences the loss of identity of each individual due to poor tolerance and the importance we give to another.
Lately I have not read books unless they are strictly necessary, but I like to read books outside of the ordinary, besides the books existentialists, I entertain a lot reading fantasy books like Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc. I believe that the authors have a beautiful mind and an incredible imagination.

jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Angels ♥♥

Well, i never had gone a exhibiton, concert or sport event. or all this type of the things that are very public, just i had gone a sport event but in my school or in a national competition of cheerleaders, and i was a competitor. First, i don´t like to go a concert, because i prefer stay in home and to listen music along and where i know that nobody can bother me. A exhibiton i never had gone one because it isn´t my interest and a sport, just i had gone to see sport like football or basquetball, and just i had seen to my friends.
But one day i hope that i can go, and fell all this emotion or situation of wait with all the sun in my face and all the people waiting the same, i think that this could be very funny but just if i see something very very important, somthing that me i like too much, or something funny where i don´t bother stay with to much people and all jump and to push one with others.
I will like going to a recital that one artist like “Los autenticos Decadentes”, “Jarabe de Palo”, “Fito Paez”, “Robbie williams”, “Coldplay” or something of this style, because i like this type of music, i think that could be very funny. Or the other thing that coul be but it is very imaginative is to pursue a your favorite band for all the word and to go at all their concert.

Well, one day when i decide go out to Chile, one day this could be a great adventure.... xD

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

One activity that i think that is very interesting but never in my life i had done, and is the bungee. The Bungee is s extreme sport, and activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic rope. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane, the idea is that the rope is connected with the ankle an permit that in the first of all you fall speed up and the the rope absorb the fall and then bounce.
I would like to do, because is a extreme experience and i think that could be a moment for to overcome a fear of heights, is a experience very exciting because is like how to fall the empty, but then when the elastic permit that you bounce is like fall again, i suposse that one lose the reference, and the first moment, the principal idea is put your mind in white, and the concentration for jump how the instructor say, and forget my fear.
Bus this sport too is considerate a danger sport, because exist something difficult that can produce the dead, for example exist the possibility how a bad fall or the rope can snaps, this think are very important but the energy that this activity coul produce ir better.
One day i hope to do bungee and fall over a river. :)

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

A worK Of Art

Well, I can say that I'm not a fan of art by 100%, but there are things I really like. I love the colorful pictures that are bright, and people call them care for their colors, they are attracted. So I think that in any table may be missing the red, yellow, orange and green. But mostly yellow, whatever, I feel that it is a color that can giving life to things.
In this case i chose a photograph of a landscape, because i think that the landscape somthings are very beautiful, and the photograph have the power of capture one image in a perfect momento.
I chose a photograph of Valle de la Luna, because is beautiful place, is a wonderfull of the world. I like in special this photograph, because the sun and the montain produced a good partner, and the image is very beautiful.
I don´t know this place. But is a place that one day a wanna know, all the people says that is very magic, and the landscape are very beautiful, and one day i want know this for me.
I like the sun, a ilke her colors, and i like the combination of colors, with the all things that keep company whit his. I thing that is place where one can dreams and imagen. I sure that one day i go to travel for this place.
By :)

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

My Favorite Webside

When i was a chield, i don’t have internet, and the computer was the most bured thing, just the adult used this things just for important things or for the work. But when the internet arrived to my home, my imagine world of girl finished. In internet exist a programe called Messenger and, with this you can comunicate with other peoples, and when i was a chield all the people used Messenger, and for this you can talk any moment. But todas, I use Messenger for comunicate with my friends that i can´t see always, and with my university partners for talk about test or Works.
But the webside that is very popular today, is facebook, is a tools where the people can talk, and a is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. The users can add people as friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, the users can organized by workplace, school, or college. And too the users can also create and join interest groups and "like pages", and in this way all the people that have the same interesting can join. The website is free to users and generates revenue from advertising. I am in facebook everytime that i am in the computer, this could be maybe one or two time in the day.
Other interesting thing it is that the facebook have to much games, and all the people can play, is very funny. I like facebook because i think that is a complete and funny page, and i can talk with my friends and know them when i can´t see always. Well, i think that all my friends like this webside, because all have. When someone don´t have facebook, is like if he don´t exist, the people are united with internet, all the things work with internet.

:) Bye!

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Holidays ♥

I love the summer, is the holidays time. The best time in all the life. Is time to rest
Every summer I go out to Santiago, always is the same place, because i go out with my boyfriends or with my friends, and we go to the beach. I like the beach, like Algarrobo, Canelillo, Viña del Mar or Serena. I like all this place, not only for the place, the thing that must enjoy is to stay with my friends.
In 2010 summer, I went with my Friend to Serena, specifically to Totoralillo in February for 2 week, was very funny. In the morning, well, if we can to say "morning", because we waked up like 12 or 1 o'clock, and we gone to the pool , and then of the lunch, we gone down to the beach. For arrive to the beach, we had to walk 2 kilometer, and the walking made us hot, but the wind was very frozen.
All the people say that the sea breese burn more than the sun, and i think that is thruth, because this summer I had dark-skinned. But is ok, i suposse.
With my friends, we gone every nigh to dance, to any discotec. We danced all the nigh, since 11 or 12 o’clock until the dicoteqe close. And too, we gone at all the craftword fair, one and othe time, always had something new, but sometime, we never bought something.
I don´t have my favorite holidays, i dont kwon one place very spectacular, except the observatoy, but i like go out, and stay in one place calm and with good company.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

My dog! :)

He is my dog!! His name is Junior! I love my dog! He Is the best dog in all this word!
I always want to a dog, but my mother never wants to, because she though that we wouldn’t have time and that we never stayed in home. But in the summer, I and my sisters always went to the pet shop, and one day we saw a very beautiful dog and my dad loves him.
He is 5 month, is little, his hair is white and is very carzy. He likes bite all the things, even the sneaker and the furniture. When he came to may home, he didn’t know where to do his ‘ toilet business’, and he dirtyed all the floor, but now he know. My dog is very cracy, he enjoy bite the people hands, but he do it just for play, and when nobody pays attention to him, he licks you.
He is a poddle, but the people don`t know rthat is a poddle, because he have a log hair, for this is very complicated brush his hair, but he always is clean.
Is very funny when one come to the home, because he run for every place, jump and he lies on this back so people can stroke this tummy.
I am so happy whit my dog, for me He must be eternal. He is my entertaiment, but how tell my mom, he requires to much time. He is like a baby, all the people love him.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Pictures ♥

^^ He is Sebastian. He is my best friends, my faithful partner, my lover and my boyfriends. He is the best man in all this word.
I met him when i was 10 years old, and he came to the school. He was the pretty boy, he have green ayes and blond hair, but now his hair is brown. Since that we know, we were very good friends, and my female friends love him, but Sebastian never care, because he was a chield ... for be honesty i never felt something more for him, for me just be a friends. But when we grew up, the thing changes and we start to be together all the time for every type of the thnigs and since this moment we never separate.
This picture is the this summer, and we had gone to ice-skating, and was very funny, because the floor is very slippery, and we fallen us every moment.
I enjoy every moment that past with him, we always do something different, something funny and i have many pictures with him, and all are very pretty, because the pictures have the power to captures one moment in special, and all the moment with him, are important for me . I love him and adore him with all my hearth. He is all for me. Really is the best man in all the word :)
You always make me Smile! :)

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Le Parapluie

France ♥

I would love to visit oneday in my life France. I think that it is a very interesting country, which concentrates a big architecture and culture. I Consider France a magical and mysterious place, is a quiet place where you can still tell the difference in the city with the countryside, even as there are more acres of high prairie, it's like to ride all afternoon ever.
But not only think that I like is his quiet, also is your night, lit by millions of buildings in high regard worldwide.
One of the things I like about being able to visit France, it is easy connectivity that have wuit the other European countries. But would choose France for my place of lodging.
I love the language and accent, I consider it very attractive, is charming. I don't think much the phrase that the French are dirty, I prefer to check, and also said that France are the best perfumes, I must also go and check one of them.
I think just the idea of living in a country makes to the other attractive, Chile and met him the same thing about other places you would rather never seen beyond.
But I think before you travel abroad, Ineed discovery all my country the end to end.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Maria Gracia'post Family Reunion

Family Reunion
My family is very united, we always get together to eat rice with chicken the(WW, on) Sundays(P, Sundays), and all the birthdays they arrive to your house full of laughter and gifts.
My grandmother is so crazy... but is for the age..
My aunts, uncles and cousins are very affectionate (and only a little fats.. ).
If you said any boring joke, the olives farts will flying to you.
Watch football (ww, on) TV is so complicated, not all are of the same team, and always someone who is sad( ??)
All the 18 of september we do activities (for example career of sacks, the egg with the spoom, etc.) and eat a lot !!
Christmas and the new year also are a familyary party (the costumes are a good option)
Sometimes I can not spend time with them, because I have to study, and they are so noisy.
I like to spend time with them... it is (They are) a constant party

My Opinion :)

Hi!!!!!!! I don't understand why i have to review the blog one of the classmate, it is how funny, because i don´t know very good english, but, I going to try! :)
The Maria Gracia Blog's is so simple, i think that it is like her. My fisrt impression was: "The blogs it is so green!!!!" xD Her blog doesn't have too many pictures, just have two pictures. I will like that she will put more pictures. Her blog either have videos, but she could put videos for know what type of music her like listen to, or just for know more about her.
She had written five post until now, but i suposse that with all homework that Mrs Higgison want that we do, She must have to many post from now until the end of the year.
I think that however that she have her blog desing, it is her personal liking, I think that the more important idea is how and what she writtes.
It is my opinion xD!

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Almost Lover

Free Time

I love my free time, it's the best moment in my life!! I can do everything, but it is always something different ... i don't like the routine, if it is time for me, it is always ok!! :)
I love to sleep, i can sleep all afternoon, but without anyone else to wake up me, because i don't like it, and if someone wakes up me, i will be grumpy all day!! But this isn't the only thing that i do. When i was younger, i drew very well and then i painted, i really enjoyed it, but today i just do it occasionly.
Another thing that i like to do is listen to music, I like all type of music, but for the general i listen to the radio, because it is more varied. And, another thing that i do almost always is goning to cinema or see to movies in my home.
I love see movies, but when i see sad movies, i preffer see them along, and in this way nobody can bother me if i cry, but when i going to the cinema i see accion or funny movies.
Always i do something different, but the time not always permit do everything, and for this my free days are friday in the afternoon, saturday and sunday.
And in the night i see to my friends!! They are the best in all my life!! we always going to party o simplely we going to every place for share to.
How not have much time, i use my free time for see my boyfriends too, and he is my faithful partner for everything! :)


lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

My Favourite Movie

One of my favourite movies is Amelie. I love this movie!!!
This movie talk about the story of fantastic word to Amelie.
She is a woman who in her chilhood was very antisocial, and this helped her to develop her imagination. She haven't boyfriends, she tried one or two time, but the results discouraged her. And instead Amelie had cultivated the like for small pleasures. She feel harmony and happiness when she help the other to fix their lives. In this way she invent all type the strategy, originals and movings ideas for intervene in the existence of different peolple of her environmet, but they didin't know.
But while all this happens and nobody and nobody care about Amelie, She is forced to examine and evaluate his solitary life. This feeling is heighened specially then to meet Nino, a guy so weird and dreamer like her. He collects the photos that people will discard the photobooths. Amelie fells fascination for Nino, but she prefers a casual encounter to a serious one. She tries many times, but without successfully, and she thinks that is an impossible love.
I see this movie many times, i think that have to much imagination and realy, i like love movies! :)

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

woooouuu!! The earthquake was a extreme experience, really i don't want any earthquake in all my life... This night i was in Santiago with my friends in the street, we are talking and remember the school. And then at 3:34, one of my friends says: it is shakeing!!!
All we us stay in silence, and then the land started to move very strong, i didn't know what hapened!! and i didn't know what can i do!!! was how if my head can't tell me that this was an earthquake. My female friends were crying, my males friends were sit in the street doing nothing, and my boyfriends tried to calm me.
When it was earthquake i called to my father and he jus told me calm, calm, just going to finish.
I think that with my friends we had a good view, because we were on the top of the hill, we saw how the land went up and went down, and how the light turned off. All was very extreme!!!!
When all finished, we went to boyfriend's house, and in the travel we see walls in the ground, paths pick up and roofs with out tiles. I just wanted that my father went to found me... This nigh was eternity...
In the rest the country, all was more heavy, the earthquake and the tsunami was terrible, but i think that a lot to culture could have been avoided so much deaths... just i hope that all that lose something or someone can start again...
The life continue...

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Sometimes, I like to be alone, i like the calm and the silence.
If it were to be in a quiet place in home, i prefer my bedroom, this room is like me in every way. But if i want one place out of Santiago i like the beach. Well I suposse that is this place because it is the only place that i know well, jkajakjkajakjakjka xD but i have good moments and memories in this place.

What beach exactly? I don´t know, but the ocean, the sand, the marine breeze, the sun and good company are good elements to make this normal place into a wonderfull place.
I go to the beach almost every summer, and when i am in the beach, i like to walk between the ocean and the sand for hours, sometimes i can walk without knowing where i am going.

I think that this place always have something new.

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Hi everybody!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
This is my english blog, but honestly i don't know how to use this thing. But with time I hope to learn. I believe that this is a good moment for us, we can talk in english and in this way we can know more ourselves and all this type of the things. :)

Javii :)