jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Angels ♥♥

Well, i never had gone a exhibiton, concert or sport event. or all this type of the things that are very public, just i had gone a sport event but in my school or in a national competition of cheerleaders, and i was a competitor. First, i don´t like to go a concert, because i prefer stay in home and to listen music along and where i know that nobody can bother me. A exhibiton i never had gone one because it isn´t my interest and a sport, just i had gone to see sport like football or basquetball, and just i had seen to my friends.
But one day i hope that i can go, and fell all this emotion or situation of wait with all the sun in my face and all the people waiting the same, i think that this could be very funny but just if i see something very very important, somthing that me i like too much, or something funny where i don´t bother stay with to much people and all jump and to push one with others.
I will like going to a recital that one artist like “Los autenticos Decadentes”, “Jarabe de Palo”, “Fito Paez”, “Robbie williams”, “Coldplay” or something of this style, because i like this type of music, i think that could be very funny. Or the other thing that coul be but it is very imaginative is to pursue a your favorite band for all the word and to go at all their concert.

Well, one day when i decide go out to Chile, one day this could be a great adventure.... xD

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

One activity that i think that is very interesting but never in my life i had done, and is the bungee. The Bungee is s extreme sport, and activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic rope. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane, the idea is that the rope is connected with the ankle an permit that in the first of all you fall speed up and the the rope absorb the fall and then bounce.
I would like to do, because is a extreme experience and i think that could be a moment for to overcome a fear of heights, is a experience very exciting because is like how to fall the empty, but then when the elastic permit that you bounce is like fall again, i suposse that one lose the reference, and the first moment, the principal idea is put your mind in white, and the concentration for jump how the instructor say, and forget my fear.
Bus this sport too is considerate a danger sport, because exist something difficult that can produce the dead, for example exist the possibility how a bad fall or the rope can snaps, this think are very important but the energy that this activity coul produce ir better.
One day i hope to do bungee and fall over a river. :)