jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

I think that today and in the future is very important to learn different languajes, because all the thing to operate in mundial level, and is necessary know specially the english, because the conuntries highly developed speak english, and they are our way for grow up in our career.
Specially, i am not a person that leard with easily and quickly, i need to practice and to study over and over again. And the english is something that i need practice all the time, but how now the circunstance doesn’t requiere, I don´t do nothing related with this, the only things that i do because i want is listening music in english and tanslate the letter, and this permit learnd more vocabulary.
I like the english. I like how sounds, but more than is i know that is necesary learnd. The things that more i don´t understad or i do´nt know is the pronunciation, and i don´t try because i don´t like to do the ridiculous, and other things is the grammar, How to writer and how the phrase can understand. Really i hope one day i can understand and can speak english very good, but i think the most probably is that when i finish my career i do a course of english, and in this way i will devote almost all my time in this, and can be more easy learnd. And today all the work place neer an requiere person that know speak english, and know is an advantage.And we had to take the opportunity that we are young and still are easy learnd.

4 comentarios:

  1. the pronunciation is hard,so you must train hard to improve it!

  2. javiii :D I too want make a course of english xD kisses

  3. I think almost of us are agree that learning english is very important.
    and i agree with you, i also like to learn english