jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

English class was the best class this semester, but it wasn´t because of this signature I had the best marks, was because, more than learn English and to fulfill the objectives and expectative of teacher, the class was an instance where you can share and stay in class in different way.
I like very much the class with Mister Higginson, because he is very very nice and his classes are very very funny, and the most important he have all the availability for explain one more time. And this is very good for the people that don’t understand in the first moment.
For all this, my experience in English was very comfortable and very funny, and I think that I learn too much xD, but in my school y had best marks, well I don´t care, I like this experience. I learn talk and interactive with more people in English, but exist thing that I have to improve with practice, but too think that if stop to doing English class I will stop to practice, because don´t exist other situation where I use English.
The things more boring was complete the sentences, because for me all can be possible, and all the alternatives mean the same, and these confuse me.
The most difficult for me is writing, because I don’t understand something things of grammatical, and I think in Spanish and not in English.
The most interesting was discovered that I like English xD .
And the things that most enjoy, was talk too much in Spanish or English xD and doing all the things, was how stay in the school because the class was very funny and y really enjoy this time. :)

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Well, First I don´t like too much the blogs, it is how have fotolog, and this things just don´t use too much, but it is an activity obligatory, and for be honest, I don´t know what blog is better than other, because I don´t read all and less that the people who a don´t have relationship, because I don’t care.
But I like my blog xD well for something is my blog xD because I think that is very interesting and very tidy, I like the things very structure and combined. But if I have to choose one, I will choose Camila´s blog.
Well, she is my friends and I like her story of camping. I think that is very entertaining. And one day I hope to travel how she and to know all this country with all its mysterious and beautiful places. Your pictures are very beautiful too, and this more enthusiastic have to travel.
I will like know beautiful place and live extreme experience, and walk too much and know that is necessary, independent of tiredness.
Especially I like the “A perfect day out of the city” post, because I like her adventures and his natural spirit, is very good. She is so hippie and I like this. And she have many post of her relation with the nature, even her blog is green. But if she had wallpaper with something how a landscape, flower or something like this, probability you will notes her loves for the word and the nature. :)

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

When I was a child I played at all the things that existed in this word or all the things that i had available because my imagination was too much. But the things that I liked and enjoyed too much was to jump rope, to ride a bike, and to go roller skating, this was my favorites games and the moment when I spent all my time, but the game that for me was more than a game was to go roller skating, I like too much, was like running very fast, but glided.
And when I was a child I done roller skating in a school of roller skating, in the Parque O’Higgins. First the teacher learned to go roller skating with rollers that had four rollers and was very difficult, because it had brake in the front part and I always felt, but with the rollers in line was very easy to keep the balance of my body. I had class all the days one hours, I really enjoyed.
I gone roller skating too much time, a think that was like 12 years when I left to practice this sport how discipline, but always was fun, and then just gone roller skating for my home an every day.
Now I don´t know way I don´t to go roller skating, I don´t know the moment, but for coincidence this year in a Christmas a want to that give me a rollers, is something more funny that the biker but more slow, and is a activity that you can do alone, without company necessarily. :)

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Don Francisco ♥♥

Who is the best chilean? Well, is a very difficult question. I don´t know, really is something that i never ask me and i never care, but if exit someone that i love in this word and is a person that always had been worried for things humanitarian in Chile is Mario Kreutzberger or more well known how Don Francisco♥.
Don Francisco is creator in Chile of the Teletón; that is a solidarity cruzade and charity company for handicapped childrens, but his social compromise had been related with his television career, and Teleton isn´t the only slidarity company, too he had realized Chile ayuda a Chile for the earthquake in 1985 and 2010; La Campaña del Kilo that was the recolection of provisions for the alluvion in Antofagasta in 1991, and benefit work for UNICEf.
I love Don Francisco. I think taht is a person that do a good to use of his presence and popularity in television for help to people that are not insert in a social word, and his company is a example for the other people that have the posibility foy hep to other with the andvantage that the common people can´t, because they are tne connection with the more important people that have money, and regrettable is the factor that move the word. His company had permited the develop of publish political that help to favor the social insertion the handicapped people.
I believe that Don Francisco is a person that do all this things because he wants and how advertising company, he believe in the justice social, and the handicapped people just are handicapped for a physical and psychological condition but not for this had more or lees oportunity for live in a best word.