lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Almost Lover

Free Time

I love my free time, it's the best moment in my life!! I can do everything, but it is always something different ... i don't like the routine, if it is time for me, it is always ok!! :)
I love to sleep, i can sleep all afternoon, but without anyone else to wake up me, because i don't like it, and if someone wakes up me, i will be grumpy all day!! But this isn't the only thing that i do. When i was younger, i drew very well and then i painted, i really enjoyed it, but today i just do it occasionly.
Another thing that i like to do is listen to music, I like all type of music, but for the general i listen to the radio, because it is more varied. And, another thing that i do almost always is goning to cinema or see to movies in my home.
I love see movies, but when i see sad movies, i preffer see them along, and in this way nobody can bother me if i cry, but when i going to the cinema i see accion or funny movies.
Always i do something different, but the time not always permit do everything, and for this my free days are friday in the afternoon, saturday and sunday.
And in the night i see to my friends!! They are the best in all my life!! we always going to party o simplely we going to every place for share to.
How not have much time, i use my free time for see my boyfriends too, and he is my faithful partner for everything! :)


lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

My Favourite Movie

One of my favourite movies is Amelie. I love this movie!!!
This movie talk about the story of fantastic word to Amelie.
She is a woman who in her chilhood was very antisocial, and this helped her to develop her imagination. She haven't boyfriends, she tried one or two time, but the results discouraged her. And instead Amelie had cultivated the like for small pleasures. She feel harmony and happiness when she help the other to fix their lives. In this way she invent all type the strategy, originals and movings ideas for intervene in the existence of different peolple of her environmet, but they didin't know.
But while all this happens and nobody and nobody care about Amelie, She is forced to examine and evaluate his solitary life. This feeling is heighened specially then to meet Nino, a guy so weird and dreamer like her. He collects the photos that people will discard the photobooths. Amelie fells fascination for Nino, but she prefers a casual encounter to a serious one. She tries many times, but without successfully, and she thinks that is an impossible love.
I see this movie many times, i think that have to much imagination and realy, i like love movies! :)

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

woooouuu!! The earthquake was a extreme experience, really i don't want any earthquake in all my life... This night i was in Santiago with my friends in the street, we are talking and remember the school. And then at 3:34, one of my friends says: it is shakeing!!!
All we us stay in silence, and then the land started to move very strong, i didn't know what hapened!! and i didn't know what can i do!!! was how if my head can't tell me that this was an earthquake. My female friends were crying, my males friends were sit in the street doing nothing, and my boyfriends tried to calm me.
When it was earthquake i called to my father and he jus told me calm, calm, just going to finish.
I think that with my friends we had a good view, because we were on the top of the hill, we saw how the land went up and went down, and how the light turned off. All was very extreme!!!!
When all finished, we went to boyfriend's house, and in the travel we see walls in the ground, paths pick up and roofs with out tiles. I just wanted that my father went to found me... This nigh was eternity...
In the rest the country, all was more heavy, the earthquake and the tsunami was terrible, but i think that a lot to culture could have been avoided so much deaths... just i hope that all that lose something or someone can start again...
The life continue...

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Sometimes, I like to be alone, i like the calm and the silence.
If it were to be in a quiet place in home, i prefer my bedroom, this room is like me in every way. But if i want one place out of Santiago i like the beach. Well I suposse that is this place because it is the only place that i know well, jkajakjkajakjakjka xD but i have good moments and memories in this place.

What beach exactly? I don´t know, but the ocean, the sand, the marine breeze, the sun and good company are good elements to make this normal place into a wonderfull place.
I go to the beach almost every summer, and when i am in the beach, i like to walk between the ocean and the sand for hours, sometimes i can walk without knowing where i am going.

I think that this place always have something new.