miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

When I was a child I played at all the things that existed in this word or all the things that i had available because my imagination was too much. But the things that I liked and enjoyed too much was to jump rope, to ride a bike, and to go roller skating, this was my favorites games and the moment when I spent all my time, but the game that for me was more than a game was to go roller skating, I like too much, was like running very fast, but glided.
And when I was a child I done roller skating in a school of roller skating, in the Parque O’Higgins. First the teacher learned to go roller skating with rollers that had four rollers and was very difficult, because it had brake in the front part and I always felt, but with the rollers in line was very easy to keep the balance of my body. I had class all the days one hours, I really enjoyed.
I gone roller skating too much time, a think that was like 12 years when I left to practice this sport how discipline, but always was fun, and then just gone roller skating for my home an every day.
Now I don´t know way I don´t to go roller skating, I don´t know the moment, but for coincidence this year in a Christmas a want to that give me a rollers, is something more funny that the biker but more slow, and is a activity that you can do alone, without company necessarily. :)

4 comentarios:

  1. I never learned to use the roller skating.
    When i used it i always ending injured

  2. I haven´t used one of them!
    But I have to say it´s very funny!

  3. I remember when you told me that for this christmas you are going to ask for rollers...hahaha you are a litlle big to ask for that ahaha.

  4. friend, I loved walking and skating as a child, is a very fun game and is very good for sport in the beginning is a bit difficult to maintain balance, but then you can adjust.