jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Don Francisco ♥♥

Who is the best chilean? Well, is a very difficult question. I don´t know, really is something that i never ask me and i never care, but if exit someone that i love in this word and is a person that always had been worried for things humanitarian in Chile is Mario Kreutzberger or more well known how Don Francisco♥.
Don Francisco is creator in Chile of the Teletón; that is a solidarity cruzade and charity company for handicapped childrens, but his social compromise had been related with his television career, and Teleton isn´t the only slidarity company, too he had realized Chile ayuda a Chile for the earthquake in 1985 and 2010; La Campaña del Kilo that was the recolection of provisions for the alluvion in Antofagasta in 1991, and benefit work for UNICEf.
I love Don Francisco. I think taht is a person that do a good to use of his presence and popularity in television for help to people that are not insert in a social word, and his company is a example for the other people that have the posibility foy hep to other with the andvantage that the common people can´t, because they are tne connection with the more important people that have money, and regrettable is the factor that move the word. His company had permited the develop of publish political that help to favor the social insertion the handicapped people.
I believe that Don Francisco is a person that do all this things because he wants and how advertising company, he believe in the justice social, and the handicapped people just are handicapped for a physical and psychological condition but not for this had more or lees oportunity for live in a best word.

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  1. he´s very influential,specially for Teletón!

  2. javi, Don Francisco is a person very very nice and of a good heart


  3. Did you remember my friend Jorge ? how has an accident ? He is 24 years old, so he was to old to get in to the Teletón, but a Jorge's cousin took Don Francisco the story and Don FRancisco made a call, and now Jorge is in the Teletón :) .
    So I agree with you, don FRancisco is a good chilean