lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Holidays ♥

I love the summer, is the holidays time. The best time in all the life. Is time to rest
Every summer I go out to Santiago, always is the same place, because i go out with my boyfriends or with my friends, and we go to the beach. I like the beach, like Algarrobo, Canelillo, Viña del Mar or Serena. I like all this place, not only for the place, the thing that must enjoy is to stay with my friends.
In 2010 summer, I went with my Friend to Serena, specifically to Totoralillo in February for 2 week, was very funny. In the morning, well, if we can to say "morning", because we waked up like 12 or 1 o'clock, and we gone to the pool , and then of the lunch, we gone down to the beach. For arrive to the beach, we had to walk 2 kilometer, and the walking made us hot, but the wind was very frozen.
All the people say that the sea breese burn more than the sun, and i think that is thruth, because this summer I had dark-skinned. But is ok, i suposse.
With my friends, we gone every nigh to dance, to any discotec. We danced all the nigh, since 11 or 12 o’clock until the dicoteqe close. And too, we gone at all the craftword fair, one and othe time, always had something new, but sometime, we never bought something.
I don´t have my favorite holidays, i dont kwon one place very spectacular, except the observatoy, but i like go out, and stay in one place calm and with good company.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

My dog! :)

He is my dog!! His name is Junior! I love my dog! He Is the best dog in all this word!
I always want to a dog, but my mother never wants to, because she though that we wouldn’t have time and that we never stayed in home. But in the summer, I and my sisters always went to the pet shop, and one day we saw a very beautiful dog and my dad loves him.
He is 5 month, is little, his hair is white and is very carzy. He likes bite all the things, even the sneaker and the furniture. When he came to may home, he didn’t know where to do his ‘ toilet business’, and he dirtyed all the floor, but now he know. My dog is very cracy, he enjoy bite the people hands, but he do it just for play, and when nobody pays attention to him, he licks you.
He is a poddle, but the people don`t know rthat is a poddle, because he have a log hair, for this is very complicated brush his hair, but he always is clean.
Is very funny when one come to the home, because he run for every place, jump and he lies on this back so people can stroke this tummy.
I am so happy whit my dog, for me He must be eternal. He is my entertaiment, but how tell my mom, he requires to much time. He is like a baby, all the people love him.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Pictures ♥

^^ He is Sebastian. He is my best friends, my faithful partner, my lover and my boyfriends. He is the best man in all this word.
I met him when i was 10 years old, and he came to the school. He was the pretty boy, he have green ayes and blond hair, but now his hair is brown. Since that we know, we were very good friends, and my female friends love him, but Sebastian never care, because he was a chield ... for be honesty i never felt something more for him, for me just be a friends. But when we grew up, the thing changes and we start to be together all the time for every type of the thnigs and since this moment we never separate.
This picture is the this summer, and we had gone to ice-skating, and was very funny, because the floor is very slippery, and we fallen us every moment.
I enjoy every moment that past with him, we always do something different, something funny and i have many pictures with him, and all are very pretty, because the pictures have the power to captures one moment in special, and all the moment with him, are important for me . I love him and adore him with all my hearth. He is all for me. Really is the best man in all the word :)
You always make me Smile! :)

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Le Parapluie

France ♥

I would love to visit oneday in my life France. I think that it is a very interesting country, which concentrates a big architecture and culture. I Consider France a magical and mysterious place, is a quiet place where you can still tell the difference in the city with the countryside, even as there are more acres of high prairie, it's like to ride all afternoon ever.
But not only think that I like is his quiet, also is your night, lit by millions of buildings in high regard worldwide.
One of the things I like about being able to visit France, it is easy connectivity that have wuit the other European countries. But would choose France for my place of lodging.
I love the language and accent, I consider it very attractive, is charming. I don't think much the phrase that the French are dirty, I prefer to check, and also said that France are the best perfumes, I must also go and check one of them.
I think just the idea of living in a country makes to the other attractive, Chile and met him the same thing about other places you would rather never seen beyond.
But I think before you travel abroad, Ineed discovery all my country the end to end.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Maria Gracia'post Family Reunion

Family Reunion
My family is very united, we always get together to eat rice with chicken the(WW, on) Sundays(P, Sundays), and all the birthdays they arrive to your house full of laughter and gifts.
My grandmother is so crazy... but is for the age..
My aunts, uncles and cousins are very affectionate (and only a little fats.. ).
If you said any boring joke, the olives farts will flying to you.
Watch football (ww, on) TV is so complicated, not all are of the same team, and always someone who is sad( ??)
All the 18 of september we do activities (for example career of sacks, the egg with the spoom, etc.) and eat a lot !!
Christmas and the new year also are a familyary party (the costumes are a good option)
Sometimes I can not spend time with them, because I have to study, and they are so noisy.
I like to spend time with them... it is (They are) a constant party

My Opinion :)

Hi!!!!!!! I don't understand why i have to review the blog one of the classmate, it is how funny, because i don´t know very good english, but, I going to try! :)
The Maria Gracia Blog's is so simple, i think that it is like her. My fisrt impression was: "The blogs it is so green!!!!" xD Her blog doesn't have too many pictures, just have two pictures. I will like that she will put more pictures. Her blog either have videos, but she could put videos for know what type of music her like listen to, or just for know more about her.
She had written five post until now, but i suposse that with all homework that Mrs Higgison want that we do, She must have to many post from now until the end of the year.
I think that however that she have her blog desing, it is her personal liking, I think that the more important idea is how and what she writtes.
It is my opinion xD!