jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Well, First I don´t like too much the blogs, it is how have fotolog, and this things just don´t use too much, but it is an activity obligatory, and for be honest, I don´t know what blog is better than other, because I don´t read all and less that the people who a don´t have relationship, because I don’t care.
But I like my blog xD well for something is my blog xD because I think that is very interesting and very tidy, I like the things very structure and combined. But if I have to choose one, I will choose Camila´s blog.
Well, she is my friends and I like her story of camping. I think that is very entertaining. And one day I hope to travel how she and to know all this country with all its mysterious and beautiful places. Your pictures are very beautiful too, and this more enthusiastic have to travel.
I will like know beautiful place and live extreme experience, and walk too much and know that is necessary, independent of tiredness.
Especially I like the “A perfect day out of the city” post, because I like her adventures and his natural spirit, is very good. She is so hippie and I like this. And she have many post of her relation with the nature, even her blog is green. But if she had wallpaper with something how a landscape, flower or something like this, probability you will notes her loves for the word and the nature. :)

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  1. truly is the blog of the cami is very characteristic of his personality, is very green and reflects very quiet