jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

The dreams of all child is know a Father Christmas and can see how he put the presents around the Christmas tree, but is an imagen that nobody had could see, I don´t know exactly what, but nobody had see a father Christmas that today we to imagen.
Today, nobody believe in this magic and mythological figure, just it is a propaganda for the people buy compulsively, is a plays of offers and demand. But this story from some place borned.
The Father Christmas is a potbellied old, rosy skin, red dress and large white beard. and is a famous person in Christmas time, this person have many and different stories of his name, but the story less well know is the Christmas is a story from Babilonia since 2600 years a.C
The story talk that at that time there was a queen named Semiramis that in whose womb did his son Tammuz, who according to that religion, would have conceived virginally. The boy's father was the sun, and his birth was celebrated with great festivities and honors, and as tradition a big tree was decorated with berries and balls in representation to the sun. But the tree was the representation carnal of husband's Sarinami, and believes his son was the resurrection of him.
This story have coincidence with a catholic religion, and this is theory that the people believe of Christmas, but a father Christmas was know how San Nicolás, a man who in times of Christmas, He gave a bag whit gold coins to a family that didn’t have nothing. Then this story was more popular and all the people believe that San Nicolas was a person that helped a sad and poor family given presents in this times

The magic is believe, isn´t necessary that this was a time for presents , but a time for tor share with the family and the people and grateful for all the things that you have.
I don´t know exactly what thing I could asked, but the idea of just see is so fantastic and so funny, that is like how come back to be a child.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

I think that today and in the future is very important to learn different languajes, because all the thing to operate in mundial level, and is necessary know specially the english, because the conuntries highly developed speak english, and they are our way for grow up in our career.
Specially, i am not a person that leard with easily and quickly, i need to practice and to study over and over again. And the english is something that i need practice all the time, but how now the circunstance doesn’t requiere, I don´t do nothing related with this, the only things that i do because i want is listening music in english and tanslate the letter, and this permit learnd more vocabulary.
I like the english. I like how sounds, but more than is i know that is necesary learnd. The things that more i don´t understad or i do´nt know is the pronunciation, and i don´t try because i don´t like to do the ridiculous, and other things is the grammar, How to writer and how the phrase can understand. Really i hope one day i can understand and can speak english very good, but i think the most probably is that when i finish my career i do a course of english, and in this way i will devote almost all my time in this, and can be more easy learnd. And today all the work place neer an requiere person that know speak english, and know is an advantage.And we had to take the opportunity that we are young and still are easy learnd.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

A Perfect Day :)

A perfect day, i believe that is a phrase very intresting, and i think that a perfect day could be a any moment of the day, where the circumstance make fell you happy or any feelings of welfare.
I don´t know exactly what could be my perfect day, but the most important is stay with the people that i love and care too much.
And well, and if the idea is to imgine a day where are all type of the things that i like, a perfect day could be enjoy a funny moment with my best partner, my boyfriends. He is the person more relax in the word and the only person that can relax me too. In any where this could be a perfect moment, because i love any moment with he.
But i prefer stay in a silence place something like country, very natural, where the noice of the city don´t care, something like country france, with too much pastere, in the high, where you believe that you can touch the sky; and where the time don´t fly, where we could be in peace, along, enjoy any moment like the last. I will like to eat something like a picnic or too mucho chocolate xD. This sounds more like a perfect date, wuajakjakjakakakj xD . But i like the idea.
Or the other perfect moment could be stay in the galactic space, see the star or shooting star , and see all this color that the universe suposse that have, is very magic or maybe a madness.
Well, exactly i don´t know how could be a perfect day, just i know that i am very happy, an all the days are perfect, because enjoy the people that love me and i too love. All the days could be perfect if one have the idea and the intention that the way it is.